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Perhaps the best feature of iPulse is the ability to deploy the system in a matter of hours, as well as the ability to bring your own device (BYOD)

Since the explosion of social media, we are very much used to live, real-time collective conversations. However, iPulse allows organizers and other organizations to enable massive real-time viewer polling and feedback ranging from small auditorium conversations right through to a global audience in an easy-to-use, self-service version of this voting technology to event planners, producers and participants of any size gathering.

iPulse is able to bring unique benefits to both consumers and customers, including live event organizers, broadcasters, educational institutions, opinion research firms and more. Participants can make their voices heard, and make more informed decisions about the content they’re viewing by understanding others’ reactions to events unfolding in real-time. Event producers keep their audiences more deeply engaged, and can use audience sentiment to deliver content that best meets their needs. iPulse self-serve technology enables event producers and organizers to bring these benefits to participants at events of any size – from 10 people at a nonprofit meeting to 5,000 people gathered in a large ballroom to millions watching a nationally-broadcast show.
An estimated 80 percent of people use a second screen – a smartphone or tablet – to enhance their experience while watching news, sports and entertainment on television or attending live events. iPulse enables broadcasters, organizers and advertisers to engage customers deeply on second screens.

iPulse features a highly flexible producer dashboard that puts the organizer in control of the experience by allowing them to easily set up, customize and control an iPulse. This includes allowing their audience to provide real-time feedback throughout the event, pushing poll questions to the audience at any time, and customizing the look-and-feel of an iPulse, including integration of social media handles or hashtags, to map back to their brand. We have the ability to immediately view results in easy-to-digest graphics, and to share these results in real-time by displaying them live on in-room or on-air screens, integrating them into video feeds, and embedding them on to a website. Alternatively, organizers may choose to analyze insights and share them later. Participants can vote from their browser on a web-enabled device across various platforms. With a click of the mouse or tap of the screen, audiences let speakers know if they agree or disagree as often as every five seconds. Voting is anonymous so participants’ privacy is protected.


What is iPulse?

iPulse is the leading audience engagement technology for live feedback from audiences of any size, during any event, and on any device and browser. iPulse gives viewers, both in-person and online, the ability to respond every 5 seconds, and as often as they want, to the content they're watching. iPulse also gives users the opportunity to respond to poll questions and to see how others are responding to the event in real-time.

What is the difference between a pulse and a poll?

iPulse has both pulsing and polling functions. Pulse is a content rating tool that allows viewers to continuously express their opinion (e.g. strongly agree, disagree) at least every five seconds during a live event or program. Poll questions are available through real-time, customizable technology and allow for expanded questioning throughout an event to gain deeper insight and data.

Who uses iPulse?

From a student government leader to a BBC producer, iPulse can be used for live events, meetings and broadcasts of any kind.

How is iPulse different from other audience response systems?

iPulse is a proven audience engagement platform that: offers continuous sentiment polling, live question polling, and real-time data insights; is available on any internet-connected device, running any web browser on any OS; allows unlimited participants; and provides its API and an embeddable iFrame to event producers.

What data insights can I learn from iPulse?

iPulse reports responses in real time, and users and producers will be able to look at segments of the responses broken down by the screener categories for each event (e.g., gender, education, affiliation).