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VR and AV are the most modern and latest technology products when it comes to out of the box thinking and implementation of ideas for the various trade shows or bigger level shows in general. The virtual reality (VR) systems augment reality in the most efficient way by providing a close up three dimensional view of the image or video and also the surroundings while audio-video (AV) provide options for big scale displays for trade shows, product launches or any other bigger shows in general and also facilitate general productivity products like digital Kiosk displays. These modern technology implementations are fast becoming the new fashion and well-known brands like Samsung, Oculus, Google and HTC have all joined in the race to provide best VR devices to the masses. For the purpose of fancy trade shows or high-tech business meetings, one or both of these options might be required, being relatively new in the market, they come at an expensive price tag, renting them from quality VR and AV Hire companies like Tablet Hire is the best option available to numerous businesses.

VR Brands We Offer

VR started out as a gimmick that was loved by only a certain types of people who were mostly into gaming or photography at the time, however with commercialization of the VR devices and much more economical offers from top brands, they have become much more popular and a lot many people are not only aware of them today but want to use them for their meetings or product demo purposes. Tablet Hire UK stocks and offers all leading brand’s VR devices and all different models of them as well including:

Whether you want the more feature packed Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR or you are into more standard options like Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR, Tablet Hire got you covered. We even offer the most unique and futuristic looking HoloLens VR sets as well.

AV of the Highest Quality and Functionality

When it comes to audio-video setup for those bigger trade shows, product launches or higher level business meetings, Tablet Hire provide the highest resolution AV equipment available in the market. The diverse range of products at Tablet Hire also includes top of the line Kiosk displays that are larger than life and giant wall sized AV equipment that provides streaming of the highest quality. Tablet Hire are not limited to IPad Hire only but offer diverse product range of Technology products at a really competitive prices to our clients.

Why Us?

When purchasing whole VR and AV setups is a problem because their requirement is only temporary, Tablet Hire UK provides the market leading rental options for them all from one website all over the UK. Regardless of how advanced or complex setup you are looking for in order to perform business meetings of the highest tech requirements, trade shows involving VR or AR technology or product launches involving high-tech demos, Tablet Hire will provide you with one of the most market competitive rental options for all the high-end products that you might need.